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BUGMAN Education & Science Shows
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A bit about Mark & PR and our Pandemic Programming

Mark & PR Mantis
Mark Berman, left, and PR Mantis, right, out in the field finding BUG Stories to share!
Mark started BUGMAN Education & Science Shows (nee BUGMAN Entoprises) in 1996 in Massachusetts. PR Mantis was discovered in a high school art class in the 70s and has been a big fan of BUGS and showing them to people ever since. They moved the show to Columbus, Ohio in 2001 and have built a loyal and enthusiastic following of people who (now) like BUGS! (and many did before, too!)

Since the Great Pandemic of 2020 when we had to take over a year off from doing public programs, we are grateful to be back now!

We have made some accommodations for social distancing and Mark is fully vaccinated (PR is a cartoon Mantis and doesn't get sick!)

We have modified our basic program delivery to feature our Original BUG Videos in whatever passes for 'assembly-style' these days, followed by smaller "observation stations" with Live BUGS and thematic signage. This may include an opportunity to handle some BUGS.