BUGMAN Education & Science Shows
BUGMAN Education & Science Shows
Educational Entertainment

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BUG-Face Masks - and other cool NATURE designs on a bunch of things!

Original BUG-Videos!

The Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle - 17-Year Cicadas, amazing and cute Jumping Spiders and many more cool BUG-Videos!


Our educational outreach programs are dynamic, fun and funny - and we usually have some LIVE BUGS there, and pre-recorded BUG-Videos, too, to help us show you cool Nature and Science stuff.

We're looking forward to showin' you the BUGS!

Our Message:

When you LOOK AGAIN at the world around you, and the plants and people and other animals in it, you understand things better and can be more respectful.  

And also, when you LOOK AGAIN, that's when you see the cool stuff!




Our Programs:

Large Group ~
Schools, Scouts, Indoor events 

Adhering to your group's or facility's Covid-19 protocols, this large-group program features our Original BUG-Videos and the amazing, informative stories they bring. Smaller group BUG- Observation Stations follow for an up-close and personal look at some LIVE BUGS.

Outdoor Events ~
Festivals, Fairs, Parks events

We have updated our festival-style BUG-Tables to conform to group-distancing practices and safe interactions with our LIVE BUGS and BUG-People. Our educational and fun LIVE BUG displays and the other stuff in our Festival setups are scheduled by the hour and are always very popular.

Virtual Programs ~
Libraries, Schools, Live Online events

In response to restricted public events, we offer a set of five BUG-Video SHORTS (10-15 minutes each) on interesting BUG and NATURE topics to fit with your Summer Reading Program (2021: Tails and Tales) or other curriculums. We make this set available conveniently online with limited access and customized greeting to your patrons, students or guests. We will also visit Live with your group by arrangement 

~ and we'll bring the BUGS!

Our Content: Fun, funny and useful


Live BUGS are our best teachers and entertainers. 

As a group, the Arthropods - Insects, Spiders and things like them - are incredibly diverse and ridiculously well-adapted to the lives they lead. And they are reliably great attention-getters!

We do not use or handle* dangerous animals - though many are misunderstood - and our interactions always regard the other animals' points of view (including the spectators!)

[* While generally an exciting feature of our Live BUG Programs, interactive audience experiences will be managed on a situational basis - BUG handling may not always be available due to Covid-19 protocols.]

Original BUG-Videos

Our large library of Original BUG-Videos, compiled over more than 30 years, contains examples of BUGS doing amazing things we could never show live.

During Live or Virtual Programs we use our best clips to tell the most interesting, useful stories. You can see a lot of our Original BUG-Videos at:


Useful, Interesting Stories

We see so many BUGS and other Nature all the time. Some people run away screaming (no story is good if it starts with running away screaming!). Other people look and think 'cool' and move on.

But when we stop and LOOK AGAIN - and learn the STORIES we find out just how fascinating our world really is. Most of our programming focuses on BUG STORIES because if you can imagine a weird way to live your life, there is a BUG somewhere living that way! BUGS live on land, underground, in the water, in trees, on freshly cooled lava flows, in other BUGS, on us - and nearly everywhere you can imagine! The ways they live, eat, grow, reproduce and interact with the rest of the world is endlessly amazing!

These are stories you will learn from and retell!

Standards-based Lessons

BUGMAN Education & Science Shows was started in 1996 by educators and scientists. Our entertaining programs have always been about the lessons we teach. And our foundational lesson from our inception is:

Respectful interactions ~ the key to respect is understanding ~ the better you understand, the more respectful decisions you can make.

Mark, our founder (well, PR Mantis takes a lot of the credit if anyone asks him), is a former Ohio Certificated Science Teacher (7-12, Biology, General Science), and has taught in almost every imaginable situation in the nearly 30 years of outreach programming. 

Our Live BUGS and Original BUG Videos help us illustrate very simple to extremely complex concepts and Nature Facts that engage, educate and amuse all audiences. Our dynamic content supports current educational standards ~ often with surprising connections and unexpected 'global' lessons.