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Ninth Grade
Ohio Department of Education
Science Academic Content Standards




Life Sciences

Interestingly, there are no indicators for Life Science at the ninth grade level. These guys need a little life in their curriculums!

We use the lessons about our animals as constructs for considering Scientific Inquiry and the Process of Science. It is well known that a mantis has amazing eyesight. How could you figure this out? The are volumes of interesting studies about mantids and mantis biology. What do scientists do to give us all the information in our textbooks? These discussions based on our live animals are targeted at the following (and we sneak a lot of Biology in, too!):

Scientific Inquiry

Doing Scientific Inquiry

1. Distinguish between observations and inferences given a scientific situation.
6. Draw logical conclusions based on scientific knowledge and evidence from investigations.

Scientific Ways of Knowing

Nature of Science

1. Comprehend that many scientific investigations require the contributions of women and men from different disciplines in and out of science. These people study different topics, use different techniques and have different standards of evidence but share a common purpose -to better understand a portion of our universe.
2. Illustrate that the methods and procedures used to obtain evidence must be clearly reported to enhance opportunities for further investigations.
3. Demonstrate that reliable scientific evidence improves the ability of scientists to offer accurate predictions.

Scientific Theories

5. Justify that scientific theories are explanations of large bodies of information and/or observations that withstand repeated testing.
6. Explain that inquiry fuels observation and experimentation that produce data that are the foundation of scientific disciplines. Theories are explanations of these data.







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