Mantis face

Animal: Praying Mantis

Sixth Grade
Ohio Department of Education
Science Academic Content Standards


Life Sciences

Diversity and Interdependence of Life

8. Describe how organisms may interact with one another.

Scientific Inquiry

Doing Scientific Inquiry

3. Distinguish between observation and inference.
4. Explain that a single example can never prove that something is always correct, but sometimes a single example can disprove something.

Scientific Ways of Knowing

Nature of Science

1. Identify that hypotheses are valuable even when they are not supported.

Note: In the 6th grade, we will also consider scenarios which would lead to selection for particular traits, such as larger front legs and more refined eyesight, targeting the following:

Life Sciences


4. Recognize that an individual organism does not live forever; therefore reproduction is necessary for the continuation of every species and traits are passed on to the next generation through reproduction.
6. Describe that in sexual reproduction an egg and sperm unite and some traits come from each parent, so the offspring is never identical to either of its parents. 7. Recognize that likenesses between parents and offspring (e.g., eye color, flower color) are inherited. Other likenesses, such as table manners are learned.




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