Animal: Praying MantisMantis face

Fourth Grade
Ohio Department of Education
Science Academic Content Standards


Life Sciences

Diversity and Interdependence of Life

5. Describe how organisms interact with one another in various ways (e.g., many plants depend on animals for carrying pollen or dispersing seeds).

Note: In the 4th grade, we will also consider various experimental designs to figure out how and why the mantis acts the ways it does, targeting the following:

Scientific Inquiry

Doing Scientific Inquiry

3. Develop, design and conduct safe, simple investigations or experiments to answer questions.

4. Explain the importance of keeping conditions the same in an experiment.

5. Describe how comparisons may not be fair when some conditions are not kept the same between experiments.

Scientific Ways of Knowing

Nature of Science

1. Differentiate fact from opinion and explain that scientists do not rely on claims or conclusions unless they are backed by observations that can be confirmed.






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