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Eleventh Grade
Ohio Department of Education
Science Academic Content Standards



Life Sciences

Diversity and Interdependence of Life

6. Predict some possible impacts on an ecosystem with the introduction of a non-native species.
7. Show how populations can increase through linear or exponential growth with corresponding effects on resource use and environmental pollution.
8. Recognize that populations can reach or temporarily exceed the carrying capacity of a given environment. Show that the limitation is not just the availability of space but the number of organisms in relation to resources and the capacity of earth systems to support life.

Scientific Inquiry

Doing Scientific Inquiry

2. Evaluate assumptions that have been used in reaching scientific conclusions.
4. Explain why the methods of an investigation are based on the questions being asked.

Scientific Ways of Knowing

Scientific Theories

7. Explain how theories are judged by how well they fit with other theories, the range of included observations, how well they explain observations and how effective they are in predicting new findings.




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