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BUG Programs


Big BUG Day at Your School

mon cat
A Monarch Caterpillar (larva) about to shed its skin to become a chrysalis (pupa) from our Original BUG-Videos

What to expect from your school’s BIG BUG Day

Assembly Programs
– We show BUGS to large groups with video!

• 40-50 minute live-narrated original BUG-O-Vision video presentation
• BUGS doing things we could never show them doing in person
• content-rich, grade-level appropriate and memorable (and funny)
• use your projector/AV setup or our 40" flatscreen TV

Classroom Programs – Live BUGS with smaller groups!

• 45 minutes-1 hour interactive lesson 
• most effective with groups up to 30 students
• observe and handle live BUGS

We coordinate the schedule with your school day

  • for example, two large assemblies and all the 3rd grade classrooms, or five classroom programs, or four assemblies only.
  • Our BUGS and content are useful and aligned with modern standards for all grade levels, from Pre-K through Grad School!

Topics covered - at least! (we can coordinate content with you by request)

  • Habitats and Homes (Ecology)
  • Respect = Look Again (Scientific thinking)
  • Seasonal Cycles (Scientific explanations and observations)
  • Comparative animal behavior and biology,

  • and, mostly… Look how amazing your World is!!
Some "big kids" enjoying tasting Coconut-Crunchies BUG-Snack samples!



















Program details

  • BIG BUG Day at YOUR School
    • Bell-to-bell programming
    • Assemblies and classrooms by arrangement
    • $500 flat fee
    • travel fees may be added beyond the Central Ohio area

  • Assemblies
    • 40-50 Minute presentations with Original BUG-Videos, Live BUGS, audience participation and lots of laughs - and good, useful, memorable content
    • $300 for first program - $100 each additional (up to $500/school day)
    • audience size as large as can fit, see and hear
    • travel fees may be added beyond the Central Ohio area

  • Classroom Programs
    • 50 minutes to one hour
    • up to 30 students (one class or combined)
    • in the classroom or other convenient space
    • $150 for the first, 2=$300, 3=$400, 4 or more =$500
    • effective content for all grade levels
    • travel fees may be added beyond the Central Ohio area

*** an approved Columbus City Schools Vendor!

NOW - Pay for your programs online!

Entertaining, educational and appropriate for all ages!



It takes a village to raise a child.
~ African proverb