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BUGMAN Education
at the LIBRARY 2014!

The Study of Looking Again

BUG Programs


BUGS in Public Places - Scouts, Festivals, Family Nights, Corporate Events

What to expect from the BUGS for your event

Original BUG-Videos Stage Show!

Mark showing BUG-Videos
to grown ups at
TEDx Columbus 2011

• 40 - 50 minute presentation 
• BUGS big enough for everyone to see
• BUGS doing things we could never show
    them doing in person!
• Fun and interesting content for all ages
    (most common adult comment? "Amazing! I didn't know that!")

BUGMAN Education Observation TablesEverybody gets a chance!

table scout
Scouts check out the Rose Tarantula and learn some things about her before letting her walk on their hands!
BUG-Observation tables at the Toledo Zoo
Butterfly and BUG Festival!

Ideal for a "mill around" audience that can come and go,
typically with other activities to attend, as at a Festival

• Collection of Live BUGS in custom enclosures
• Interesting and useful signage
• Opportunities to touch and handle Live BUGS
• Samples of BUG-Snacks to try!
• Knowledgeable, fun BUG-Person to answer questions,
    listen to and tell stories and help with the BUGS!!

These programs are usually offered together

  • Ideal for events with a "captive audience"
  • After stage performance everyone comes up to the Observation Tables to get a good look at the Live BUGS
  • Great combination for Corporate Events, Scout Pack Events and Libraries
  • Topics covered vary with event or season
    • special content by arrangement - the BUGS are flexible





















Program details

  • Original BUG-Videos Stage Show
    • 40-50 Minute presentations with
      Original BUG-Videos, Live BUGS,
      audience participation and lots of laughs
      - and good, useful, memorable content for all ages
    • Excellent Keynote entertainment
    • Any size audience that can fit and see
    • Special "Walk About" session included with some events

  • BUG Observation Station
    • Excellent for a mill-around audience of any size
    • Scheduled by the hour or by event
    • Some people stay all day!

  • They work great together!
    • After stage show people come to experience the BUG-Observation Tables
    • Scheduled for an hour and a half
    • Any size audience that can fit in the room
    • effective content for all ages and interests



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Entertaining, educational and appropriate for all ages!



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