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BUGMAN Education

BUG Programs


Party with the BUGS!

bday spider
Birthday guests sometimes even get to hold a big, beautiful Tarantula - these girls loved it at their friend's party!

What to expect from the BUGS at your Party

Birthday Parties
– Exciting programs for kid or grownup parties!

• Up to a 1 hour interactive program
• 30 or fewer guests (interested adults may join in kids' parties)
• small collection of Cool BUGS with fun content for each
• usually sit in circle on the floor - usually indoors
• small, complimentary gifts for birthday star
• fun, exciting, (and educational!)

Other Party Events – BUGS make every party funner!

• custom programming fit to your event 
• please refer to Public Programs page for general options
• call or email to work the BUGS into your party!


Brayden holds a BIG Giant African Millipede at his BUG-Birthday party!













Program details

  • BIG BUG Birthday Party
    • Up to 1 hour program
    • at your home or other venue
    • $150
    • travel fees may be added beyond the Central Ohio area

NOW - Pay for your programs online!

Entertaining, educational and appropriate for all ages!



It takes a village to raise a child.
~ African proverb