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A couple of folks got this question exactly right, and a couple others gave us an answer we hadn't even considered!

"Ladybugs" are not "true bugs."

True bugs belong to the order of insects called Hemiptera which means "half-wing." They all have a triangular pattern in their wings which often looks like a shield. Ladybugs - more properly called "Lady Bird Beetles" - have the hard, shell-like outer wings of beetles. Beetles are in the order Coleoptera which means "sheath-wing."


Other differences between beetles and true bugs are:

  • Beetles have complete metamorphosis. This includes distinct stages; egg, larva, pupa, and adult (like butterflies). True bugs have gradual metamorphosis in which the young closely resemble the adults. (some people call this incomplete metamorphosis, but we think when they are adults, they complete it, so "gradual" metamorphosis is more accurate)
  • True bugs have piercing/sucking mouthparts. Beetles generally have chewing mouthparts.

That - or some part of it - is the answer we expected. But BUGMAN fans are more clever than that! A few said that since they aren't all female, they can't be "Ladybugs!" Touché! And great job!

working Mantis


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