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- Ecos is Greek for home

- Ecology is the study of where things live and why they live there.

- It is important for children to appreciate the value of understanding how their world works

- Never release anything that didn’t come from where you release it

Never keep anything you find in your backyard.

If you know what it eats, you can have it over for dinner

- If you know it really well, you can have it do a sleepover...

But always let it go back home!

working Mantis


Here is some basic background information on various BUGS!

        - Cricket Curriculums
        - Mealworm Curriculums
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        - Animals in the Classroom


ANIMALS IN THE CLASSROOM – Besides you and the students!

Living animals in the classroom can foster in students a positive and responsible attitude that is reflected in many ways. Using the care of the animal as part of the class routine and student responsibilities helps give students a sense of ownership, and something to look forward to in the classroom.

But the best part is the amazing power animals have to get children’s attention! And there are infinite ways to use them in your lesson plans.

Some general guidelines for keeping animals in the classroom



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