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BUGMAN Education

BUG Programs


No Bus No Fuss!
BUGS in Early Child Care Centers and Pre-Schools (great for school-agers, too!)


Kids love to see the BUGS!

Our BUGS are small, but exciting! This favors small group sizes.
We have interesting lessons to share and lots of fun stories and so the more time we have with a group the better. We offer block time at Day Care Centers to allow the flexibility to give as many kids as possible the best experience.

Recommended Live BUG program format

  • Up to 30 kids
  • Similar age/ability level
  • 50 minutes to one hour
  • Age range: ~3.5 years -- school age

    We sit in a circle on the floor (usually) and everyone gets a chance to see and handle Live BUGS (if they want to - they are encouraged to!) Small groups allow kids to get up close and personal with the BUGS and get more information about them and how to be respectful with them.

Alternate Format

  • Larger groups
  • Mixed age/ability levels
  • 30-45 minutes
  • Fewer personal interactions
  • Volunteer interactions
  • Group interactions

Kids sit 'audience style' as they would for a normal guest speaker. Live BUGS and fun stories make this show fun, interesting and exciting. Sometimes we all jump around doing Insect-aerobics or other energy activity!

floor kids























Program details

  • Hourly Fees
    • 1st hour = $200
    • 2 hours = $300
    • 3 hours = $400
    • 4 hours = $500
    • Hours can be divided between larger or smaller groups
    • Additional travel fee may be added outside of Central Ohio


NOW - Pay for your programs online!

Entertaining, educational and appropriate for all ages!



It takes a village to raise a child.
~ African proverb