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This is a very active ant hole in Arizona. They were busy harvesting an apple core (top left) that someone had dropped near their nest opening (and removing the leaves I kept dropping near the entrance!) When you do the Ant Hill Investigations Activity, chances are you will find ant holes that are much easier to count! The ants in Arizona are crazy!

NOT the best way to do Science!

"... in conclusion, my extensive experiments in ant population control demonstrate that nothing can be done to contain their growing population, and that they will one day destroy us all. Thank you."


No matter where you are, you don't have to look too
long to find some ants.

Some people think that's a bad thing -
not the BUG-People!

If you are a teacher - or know some kids - or just like
BUGS and science - you can do some interesting
things with a ready supply of ants.

If you arrived at this page as a result of an email or
flyer about the Ant Hill Investigations activity,
here are some useful links:

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We're filling up this page with all sorts of interesting
things -- so check back - whether you're doing the
activities or not it'll still be fun!