BUGMAN Bug Trivia Quiz Answer


When do spiders fly?

Many people responded to this question, all with good guesses! Most said spiders do not fly, and, while that's technically true, there is an apparent exception!

Indeed spiders DO "fly."

When spiders are first born - or hatched out of their eggs - they are very very small. These spiderlings will, on a windy day, raise their abdomens in the air from the top of a piece of grass or a plant, and let out a strand of silk. This silk will get caught in the wind and get longer and longer, still attached to the back of the spiderling. Soon, the silk will be long enough to pull the spiderling off the plant and it will soar through the air on its "tail" of silk. This is an important method for spiders to spread out in the world (or disperse). It is called "ballooning." It enables them to move into new, suitable areas and make a new spider family. This is the one time in their lives that spiders really do, sort of, fly!

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